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19 November 2009 @ 08:46 pm
spillsomelove.blogspot.com :)
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07 November 2009 @ 11:44 pm
a levels. till then :)
and i'll be back to blogger again!
any posts here will be made private after this HAHA sorry im so fickle!
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04 November 2009 @ 11:08 pm

I love this song like crazy :D adore the lyrics even more!

Taylor Swift - The Other Side Of The Door
In the heat of the fight I walked away
Ignoring words that you were saying trying to make me stay
I said this time I've had enough
And you've called a hundred times but I'm not picking up

Cause I'm so mad I might tell you that it's over
But if you look a little closer

I said leave but all I really want is you
To stand outside my window throwing pebbles
Screaming I'm in love with you
Wait there in the pouring rain coming back for more
And don't you leave cause I know
All I need is on the other side of the door

Me and my stupid pride are sitting here alone
Going through the photographs, staring at the phone
I keep going back over things we both said
And I remember the slamming door
And all the things that I misread

So baby, if you know everything
Tell me why you couldn't see
When I left I wanted you to chase after me

I said leave but all I really want is you
To stand outside my window throwing pebbles
Screaming I'm in love with you
Wait there in the pouring rain coming back for more
And don't you leave cause I know
All I need is on the other side of the door

And I'll scream out the window
I can't even look at you
I don't need you
But I do, I do, I do
I'll say there's nothing you can say
To make this right again
I mean it, I mean it
What I mean is

I said leave, but baby all I want is you
To stand outside my window throwing pebbles
Screaming I'm in love with you
Wait there in the pouring rain coming back for more
And don't you leave cause I know
All I need is on the other side of the door

With your face and the beautiful eyes
And the conversation with the little white lies
And the faded picture of a beautiful night
You carried me from your car up the stairs
And I broke down crying, was she worth this mess
After everything and that little black dress
After everything I must confess
I need you
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24 October 2009 @ 11:24 pm

sorry guess im breaking my word about updating on last day of school! HAHA im really really lazy and too caught up with work. but i'd say that graduation day was truly amazing!!! i really had a great time with my classmates <3 i love you 2T33! and thank you to very special classmates like valerie, debbie, reuben and naren for these 2 years of friendship and fun. class wouldn't have been the same without you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

anyway i'm really very TIRED of studying. im scared. unsure. i dont know. a levels is a nightmare. why the hell did i choose JC over poly! i wish i was in poly. oh well. just putting in my best effort now. i really need a break! does anyone wanna catch a movie some time next week? :D im so deprived that i've been studying at grand cathay's b&j's so much just to feel close to the theatres HAHAHA just kidding (but maybe it's true you know :p). im quite sure everyone knows by now that i'm a die-hard movie fanatic right! haha. oh and alicia's birthday was another highlight coz we got to destress by L4Ding! made me so happy after such a long time :D it was just an hour or so of playing but it was really entertaining coz only chang yi, raymond and i knew how to play, so like there were plenty of hilarious moments where the hunters were just walking around with the survivors for a long time, or the tank was running away from the survivors. HAHAHAHA epic!! it was really damn cute! enjoyed myself x gazillionxzzxz and more :D

i find like something's missing...
but somehow im praying for a miracle for things to look brighter like before
& i know that somehow, time will prove what's true
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13 October 2009 @ 10:43 pm
YAYYY i can't believe school is ending in three days :D it's so wonderful just thinking about it and im already geting all excited. hahaha. going to school is like a total waste of time. why can't they just leave revision all to us? coz we really aren't doing much productive work in school. and it drains all our energy by the time we reach home. STUPID. but whatever, just three more days (Y) heeeeee. and in 3 days' time, well probably 4 days actually, i'd be back here again blogging about the awesome friday spent at school and at class gathering at night!! don't be jealous coz my life is gonna be hell mugging straight after that and i'd probably be the one jealous of YOUR life :)

PS it's not my fault i have dreamy looking eyes. HATE TO BE SO WRONGED when im seriously paying attention. stupid teachers!! ugh
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04 October 2009 @ 10:23 pm
hello :) i am so happy today.
& i like the title of this post :D
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22 September 2009 @ 07:50 pm
yay 've been a really good girl lately (Y) hehe. sat and sun was spent studying!
went out on monday with boyf to watch ugly truth @ vivocity. we were supposed to go marina barrage for a picnic and to fly kite!!!! but we didn't know where to get a kite :( so we had to cancel our initial plans :((((( which was really such a pity coz i was looking forward to it so badly!! rah >:( so we decided to go sentosa instead but it was soo damn CROWDED by the monorail :( and someone (ahem) came up with the idea of walking to sentosa from vivo city OMG and we almost died!!! haha nearly one hour of walking under the scorching hot sun pleaseeeee. but it was really nice having a long walk with someone you're in love with (and who's so cute lah) :D hahahahaha. and when we reached there the queue for luge ride was also jam-packed!!! so no luge ride for us anymore :( nothing. how disappointing! at least the movie was funny enough to make up for it :D

first day at school today. wasn't that bad. okay it was. im not used to it. just feel so stressed now. SUPERRRR stressed. like im studying as much as i can now every chance i get (except maybe now slack a bit to blog.. but at least you get entertained right!) i can't wait for 16oct. oh wait, 23rd november :) HAH! then i can enjoy like 9 months of freeeeedom. yeah v^_^ okay bye friends :)
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18 September 2009 @ 10:58 pm

today's been such an eventful day, i like!!!!!! yay. hahaha.
but i'm also a sad girl today. half, half so im neutral now? okay maybe still a bit sad.
someone tell me a joke nowwww :( or something funny/entertaining.

you know it's funny how sometimes you feel so happy, so especially blessed that everything's been going so great for you recently. and then you start to question yourself "where have all the bad days gone to? it's unbelievable" and right after that, bad things come crashing on you once again. you know what? it sucks. you feel like that was just a moment of pure luck, that it was just a dream that couldn't last on its own. and then reality slaps you in the face with "good things never last".

i wish i was an "exception" and not a "rule". only people who watched he's just not that into you will understand what i mean.
but then again it's like one in a million to ever be an exception

beautiful song :)

So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge
My feet run out of ground
I gotta find my place
I wanna hear myself
Don't care about all the pain in front of me
Cause I'm just trying to be happy

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17 September 2009 @ 11:11 pm

yay im finally done with prelims, yeah vv :D
okay now just gonna rest a couple of days before i start studying intensely (already have the urge and motivation to!!) finaaaaaaaaaal lap! so anyway my wunduhhhful sister helped me to jailbreak my ipod and now ive got cool apps inside!! hehe. ohh!! and i just finished watching he's just not that into you and it was heartwarmingly sweet ONLY towards the end. lol guys are jerks >:( RAH hate guys. except keane coz he's not like that, we all know (hopeee so! cross my fingers lol)

anyway played l4d after school today with naren, reuben, colin, xavier kwan, chang yi and keane. tried the new maps but still prefer the original onessss though. coz most of the time we'll be like huhhhh what's happening where do we go now blahblahblah. confusing too >:( dont ever try the resident evil rgp or the escape from toronto maps. so waste of time.

i can't wait to watch the ugly truth!! been waiting so longggggggggggg.
im so sleepy. i need tons of sleep!! must. catch. up. with. sleep. over. weekends.

and money honey by lady gaga is so niceee must go listen!

p.s. for monday: happy one year and one month bunny boy <3 i love you!
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